Randy R.
"I wanted to thank you for your continued help with me and my daughter's golf games. Paula was totally new in golf and you helped her get passionate and able to play the game. She is looking forward to continued lessons this summer 2013.

I personally have gotten many good tips from you. Attitude about the game, importance of 60 degree wedge, helping correct swing faults. I am looking forward to this season with a renewed zest and strategy for the game.

Randy R.
Lake In The Hills, IL

Jerry P.
I have known Curt Peterson, PGA Teaching Professional, for nine (9) years.
At all times, I have found Curt to be; very knowledgeable of the technical aspects of the golf swing and putting stroke, gifted with communication skills that help you visualize and apply a golf lesson, enduring as students work the process of learning new techniques and swing positions, and enlightening regarding the mental importance of golf through visualization and inner confidence.

Lynn P.
I've worked with Curt Peterson over the past three years and his teaching skills have been phenomenal.
At age 66, I have gone from a 21 handicap to a 15.
He is a true professional with a passion for helping every level of student improve their game!
His use of the latest technology is fabulous and fun to work with.
Finally, I have learned not only what to practice, but how to practice. I've never had more fun playing golf in my life!
Please ask Curt for my cell number and call me if you have any questions or need a further reference!!

Ed W.
PGA Instructor, Curt Peterson has helped my game immensely. His high tech techniques are motivating and encouraging teaching style gets results.
At my age (62) hitting the ball further is not going to happen, but hitting it consistently cleaner and straighter has helped my enjoyment of the game as well as my handicap.
Whether just starting out or looking for the improvement that will take your game to the next level, Curt is your instructor!

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